Tuesday, January 24, 2006

P.A. Pearson's Artistic Journey and My Shameless Self Promoting!

One of My Favorite Art Biz Marketing Newsletters

I am finished with writing and answering my emails for the night and had a little time to read one of my favorite newsletters.

I subscribe to Alyson Standfield's art marketing newsletter. The url is She has quite a bit of info and resources for artists on her site. It is worth your time to look at her site.

She is offering free marketing tools for anyone willing to conduct a marketing salon. It is a nine week committment for all involved in the salon. I am seriously considering the offer of starting a marketing salon for no more than three other people and myself. I will start a campaign to recruit the three in the next few weeks. I have some planning to do before I start. It really sounds like a good way to learn some valuable self marketing for my career. I just have to be sure that the people I recruit are as serious and committed as I am or it won't work.

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