Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Finished Work

This is "Moon Walk" my latest work created this month. This work was one, that left me physically and emotionally exhausted. This one took me almost a month to complete.
I will be having prints made of this one along with several others.
Instead of diving into another work I decided to take a break. I am working in the journal that I made and bound. I am doing a study of my colors, exploring color mixtures and their properties. I don't have a picture of it yet, since
I left my camera in Pauls Valley. Okla. at a family gathering.
When I finish a rather complicated piece I tend to delve back into study instead of starting another painting. I have several studies that are ongoing at the moment. I am learning the software programs Access, Powerpoint, and my new Photoshop Elements 4.0. I am also constantly learning new marketing and business management skills.
I will study a little longer then get a good nights sleep and start again.

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  1. I love your Moon Walk. I love the textures and I find the mix of both vibrant and muted colors to be so in sync with each other.

    I can see how it was guided with such intense emotion.

    I hope to be able to more of your work!!!


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