Monday, April 30, 2007

PhotoJournalism: How to prepare and submit a press release to media

Artists are having a very busy spring in our art community. I have already organized two art exhibitions and have another in June. Sometimes as artists we get so busy with last minute framing, sending out post cards, readying contracts, etc. that we forget our most important task and that is to have our press releases ready in advance. What good is an exhibition if the public doesn't know about it. You need to send those press releases with enough lead time for the journalists to write your story. Don't forget the community calendars that local television stations post online.

You are probably saying Ok, I write press releases, but they never get published. Have you ever thought that maybe it is your writing. I just read, and suggest that you do too, a wonderful blog called PhotoJournalism: How to prepare and submit a press release to the media. Here is the link:
PhotoJournalism: How to prepare and submit a press release to media
If you really want to further your career and get into print, be serious about writing effective press releases. I really like the advice, that I already use, about calling the papers or other media and finding out to whom and where you should send those press releases. There is nothing like speaking directly with your contact. It is a start in establishing a relationship. The more you call the more you will be remembered. Please, be courteous in respect, with the journalists time, which is very limited. Know what you are going to say before you call and keep your phone calls very short and to the point. I would advise that you find out when their deadline is and submit those releases well in advance and somewhere at the top of the release include the publish date you are writing your press release for. If it is for immediate release say so.

You might consider keeping a notebook for press deadlines, the person you talked to , email addresses, size and format of the submitted photos they prefer. Always ask if there are any restrictions concerning press releases. Your willingness to be cooperative will be looked on favorably and anything that makes the journalists job easier will be in your favor. I also suggest that you keep copies of the press releases you send. You might be able to use them as templates or guides to help you write future press releases.

Keep writing; the more you write the easier it is and the better writer you become. I continue to learn with each press release I write, so that someday I will truly write effective press releases.

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