Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

I am behind in my blog posts. I have lots of journals to share and the making of art journals. I have also been busy creating jewelry through the techniques of off loom bead weaving and wirewrapping. I made my first sterling silver ring today and I'm fairly pleased with the results. The pics will have to come later. It seems to take so long to take the pic and do the adjustments and then upload them to my blog, that I tend to do several at once. I am enjoying making my own jewelry and especially creating my own designs.

I will be adding some new favorite websites as well, so look for them later too.
Today I am waiting on the AC service repairman to call so we can set up an appointment to have our ac repaired. Yes, it quit doing it's job.
I have heard that many ac's are on strike, because we have had too many 3 digit days of heat. The service repairmen may follow soon with a strike of their own. Hotels and motels are love'n it though, being filled to capacity. I have a cool room to go to tonight, so I will have sweet dreams for sure.

Well, it is back to work for now. Stay cool dear friends.

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