Monday, May 29, 2006

It's My Birthday!

Today is my Birthday and I am celebrating it in Peoria, Arizona with my wonderful in-laws. We decided to drive this year. I am glad we did, even though it means we have to cut short our visit to allow for travel.
I packed my studio into a bag so I could keep up with my work. I do this for a few hours after everyone has gone to bed. I might as well put my insomnia to good use instead of fretting about it. I bought a small journal with handmade paper to record daily sights, thoughts, and the usual trip logs. This is my first journal and since my husband prefers to do all of the driving, I am free to paint all day.
I believe I am hooked on journaling now for the rest of my life. A couple of years ago my dear husband bought me a beautiful leather bound watercolor journal, but I have been afraid to paint in it. I just knew that I would really mess it up. Now, I know that I should and will use it. It will be my most treasured posession and constant companion.
I have been calling it a journal, but I suppose it is more like a sketch diary. My paintings are really rough and sometimes whimsical. I use pen with watercolor washes across two pages for each day.
I would like to encourage anyone reading this to try a sketch diary. You can use colored markers or colored pencils if watercolor is not your forte. You won't realize the benefits until you experience it. I can't even put into words what it has done for me.
Well, I am going to get back to my wonderful family. We will return home on Friday, June 1st.

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