Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Watercolor Journey

This was the last work in progress before my health took a nose dive so to speak. My art has taken a detour since I started this series. I find that though I have put this one on the back burner, it is never far from my thoughts. I seem to be constantly working on it in my mind.
This is the first of my Bird of Prey series which will feature one eye of a bird of prey of Oklahoma. This eye is from the Great Horned owl. I have always had a facination with eyes. I love drawing eyes and the challenge to depict them as 3d.

Oops! This is an old post and when editing it for font color and reposting it the date has changed. It should be reading some month in 2008.


  1. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder > very clever
    and creative...and FUN...and wickedly witty!

    The idea of using an element from an Oklahoma creature is really nice.

    I also like the above drawing/painting you started. It seems unfinished.

    Unfortunately, I can too easily relate to
    nosedives of all manner...including health!
    I need to develop obsessive creative disorder.
    Actually, I think I already have it, it's just
    that I'm sometimes constipated and nothing is
    created except my dreams.

    Does that sound familiar? Or am I alone in this?

    My favorite art is alway my palette, or some
    testing scrap I doodle on. Is your wirewrapping
    practice a doodle? It's exquisite and should
    be jewelry on its on merit.
    Stick a fastener on that little baby!

    Dear lordie, you remind me how much work my
    poor website needs!!! And any number of sites
    where my work lies languishing
    in the cyber ether!

    Thanks, Patricia!

    La Poot

  2. Thank you for your comment, for a minute I thought I was all alone in cyber space.

    Yes, the painting that looks unfinished, is unfinished. That was the last creative thing I did before health took a nosedive. It is my baby and I am almost afraid to apply a brush to it again.

    Oh yes indeed Poot, I can relate to the constipation as it relates to our creativity or lack there of.

    I have taken my wire wrapping a step further than practice and finally producing some simple things in sterling silver, but I really love copper and exploring ways to make it wearable.

    You mentioned doodling. It is one of my favorite things to do with anything I have handy.

    I love your work Poot. I have often admired it and your music. I got to see you in a show I think it was at the Blue Door a few years back. It was a great show btw. My husband (Phil Pearson)is a songwriter/composer and a friend of Ray Wyssmann and Shelly Phelps. I'm not sure if you have ever run across him.

    Shelly is designing my website as I write. She is doing a fantastic job too.

    Thank you again for visiting and especially for leaving a comment.


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