Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gone Too Long!

Gee, I've been gone way too long from my blog, but I do have excuses and lots of them.
I'm only going to relate a couple of them. I really and truly have been busy creating lots of fun stuff for you to feast your eyes upon.

Spending some time with my fiber arts. I am designing my own line of cold can cozies, hot mug cozies, and water glass/water bottle cozies, colorful and ultra soft bath mats, and market bags. Some of these are also embellished with beads.

Also designing some beaded wonders! This little number is "Oh That Black Magic" a little beaded black bag I whipped up using RAW (for you non-beaders that is right angle weave) and embellished with various seed beads I had on hand. The `v` shaped bottom has suede leather insert, so the bag is  functional as well as beautiful. It has a beaded chain so it may be worn around the neck.

This darling "Tailor Made" is made of seed beads and square beads. I'm not sure what to call the weave, as I created it on the fly, so to speak. It could be ladder stitch or square stitch. This one sold shortly after I created it. The closure is a beaded button and a button hole.

Don't you just love sunsets? "Sunset Serenade" RAW cuff embellished with seed beads. Sunset has a silver plated slide closure.

Ok, just one more. I don't want you to go into visual overload.

Say hello to "Grace" This bracelet cuff is one of my favorites. Grace is a RAW cuff embellished with Amazonite beads and seed beads with a silver plated slide closure.


Coming soon (this autumn) is my website featuring my obsessive creations in all their glory.
You may start checking around September 1st. This is the deadline I'm shooting for.

I am also opening an online store (still under construction) at where you may purchase one of my pretties for yourself. These four pictures are just a teaser of what you may find in my store and on my website. I will also offer handcrafted one of a kind journals. Visit my flickr photo stream to see everything.

See, I have been busy. Until next time my dear friends, hugs to all.


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