Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Studio Makeover Under Way

I have taken a few pictures to show the work ahead of me. The brown walls have got to go! I am replacing the color with one called `Gentle Rain`. I have decided to cut down on the work and paint everything with the same paint, even the ceiling. The paint I chose has both paint and primer included in a satin finish.

The studio is a mess right now and will be for a few weeks. Prep work always seems to take the longest, but sure pays off in the long run. I dislike having to redo anything if I can avoid it.

I have washed the first wall and applied caulking around the window sill. I still must do some light sanding on the window sill. When I finish painting the first wall, my plan is to sand and paint the  1 x 12 in. boards, so that I may install them and move studio equipment and books to the shelves. This will give me the needed room to finish the other three walls.

I will be shopping for new wall outlets tomorrow as the old ones are just worn out.

I am following a wonderful blog called 2 Good Clay Mates and their studio redo. They have some wonderful suggestions for storage of equipment and supplies.

Without further ado here are the pictures. Oh yes, meet Casper, my studio mascot/foot warmer.


  1. Hi there, So glad you are finding my studio redo tips handy. Can't wait to see what you do with your studio -- will keep checking in.

    By the way -- your mascot/foot warmer is sooo adorable! Would love to get one of those too!

  2. Good luck with the studio makeover! And...thanks for the wonderful comment. It's great to hear from another AF kind of girl. :)

    I watch enough HGTV that I have ideas about improvements that always end up bigger than I realize. Luckily I'm renting now, so no big requirements to fix anything! haaaaaaaaaa

    Take care and have a creative day!



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