Friday, August 27, 2010

"Paint the Town Red Challenge"

Let me introduce you to 'Sassy in Red'. She has found a new home in Kansas where I know she will be loved.                                                               
Sassy was made with Peyote stitch and seed beads. She has a silver plated slide closure.

I have entered a challenge "Paint the Town Red", by "Passion for Beads". I think Sassy fits the bill; don't you?

Now I need to figure out what the url is of this post and I'll be finished. This is always the most difficult part for me.


  1. Thanks Pat! I got your entry! Beautiful Red!:o)

  2. I'm proud to say I brought Sassy to Kansas for one of my dear friends who is a Kansas Jayhawk FAN! It's the perfect accessory for KU gameday or any day if you aren't a Jayhawk supporter. The bracelet is even more attractive on the wrist!!


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