Friday, August 27, 2010

Studio Makeover Update

The following photos show how slowly I am progressing. I am almost finished with painting the walls. I do have a few touch ups along the base board and ceiling yet to do. I will paint both doors the same soft gray. I had to go ahead and install the shelves to hold everything that occupied space along the other walls in order to paint them. I will soon be ready to add trim and paint to the shelf boards, then let the nesting began. That's the fun part to me.

When I first started painting I was almost afraid that the color I chose was going to be depressing, but I have found that it is a very calming color and actually refreshing. I found some awesome curtains that will go perfectly with the soft gray color of the paint and they were on sale. I will wait until the room is finished before I reveal what the curtains look like. Well, it is back to work.

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