Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Things That Go Bump in The Night"

Autumn is here. Farmers' markets are brimming over from recent  harvests. The men sitting on hay bales are swapping stories, and their ladies are discussing which pumpkins will yield the best pumpkin pies, while juggling baskets of fresh produce. The children are running amok chasing each other in and out of the stalls where  pumpkins are gathered for decorating the scariest jack-o-lantern. Later there will be a hay ride and a bonfire for roasting marshmallows. Sometime before Halloween there will county and state fairs and maybe a dance or two for dressing up. The children will be planning what costumes they will wear for harvest celebration or some for trick or treating; little pumpkin fairy princess, a miniature Mr. jack-o-lantern, all sorts of animals or perhaps, 'something that goes bump in the night'?

It is with a hearty thanks to GemsCrystalsAndWire for her wonderful collection to help us usher in this autumn 2010. Please click above on 'view this collection', for a better view, at ArtFire; while you are there please stop in to see GemsCrystalsAndWire's studio/shop and if it is not too late stop in and say hi at my studio/shop and we'll have a spiced pumpkin latte.
I especially want to thank her for including my black beaded bag, "Oh That Black Magic".

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