Thursday, October 07, 2010

Casper is Afraid of the Dark!

I just learned that Casper is afraid of the dark. He rang his bell (one that I hung on the back door and taught him to ring when he needed to go outside) indicating that he needed to go outside. It was dark outside and the porch light was burned out. He refused to go outside. My DH replaced the light bulb and Casper promptly went outside to do what he needed to do.

This short and sweet post is not my usual, but you may enjoy the brevity for a change. lol


  1. What a great idea teaching him to ring a bell! I have never heard of anything like that before.
    He's sooo cute!

  2. He is a real sweety. It took me only about 15 minutes to teach him. Now he uses it to get me out of my chair. He is so clever.


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